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NLP Training London

NLP in London

We've been offering NLP training in London for over 15 years, and NLP business courses and coaching for over 25 years. Our training is now held in Islington and in Enfield, within easy reach of any part of London. We also offer NLP training in Scotland and internationally for bespoke NLP training.

When I started working in NLP, there were only about 3 or 4 NLP training providers in the UK. Now the internet has pages of courses on offer. Many of these courses are run by past students of mine, or even students of students. 

We are now offering live training and online training. If you can attend a live training, then our NLP training in London will provide you with the best possible training in NLP. You'll learn from a trainer who has had years of experience, not just in running courses, but also in working with a huge range of people one to one.

Attending a live training is always the best option, if you can spare time. Although you'll experience the same content online, you can never substitute the experience of learning face to face. This is especially important for learning NLP - NLP training is all about practising with other people. You need to put everything into practice and you have to do that with someone else. Also the atmosphere in a live training is always engaging. Over the many NLP trainings we've put on in London, everyone values the experience of being in a live classroom and learning face to face. 

Not that learning online isn't useful too. In fact, I'd recommend doing both if you can.

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