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NLP In Education

Using NLP In Learning Environments

NLP In Schools

I’ve had dozens of teachers attend my NLP trainings, as well as running NLP workshops in schools, both for teachers and also for students. It’s amazing to see the benefits that NLP can bring to education and the classroom. It can help in many different ways.


Teachers can learn ways to help present their topic to fit into the individual learning styles of the students. We all learn in different ways, and what you’ll learn on our NLP training will help you understand the ways that we learn and how to tailor what your teaching for every type of learning style, as well as how to present information in clear and enjoyable ways.


For students, NLP can help you to overcome internal blocks to learning. For example, lots of people leave school thinking they’re useless at maths. Why is that?

Because they’ve been taught badly in school, or given bad feedback. We can all learn and excel in any subject as long as we are taught the correct way.

NLP helps to empower both students and teachers to help them see that we all need to be taught in different ways. What works for one person isn’t going to work for someone else. Our NLP Practitioner training is the first level of training that will introduce you to these different styles of learning so you can enjoy teaching more fully and help your students excel.

We’ve had teachers come on our courses and give the most astonishing feedback about how what they learned totally transformed their ability to reach even the most challenging pupils and help them feel great about subjects they previously didn’t know how to learn in.

Take our training now and discover how to excel!