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  • Should I learn NLP online?
    • Although you can learn a lot about NLP online, you'll never have the experience of learning face to face. NLP is all about putting things into practice, so when you attend a live classroom you will get the best possible experience.
  • What is an accredited training?
    • When you see trainings that are accredited, I'd always veer on the side of caution. There is no official regulation of NLP and the associations that offer accreditations are privately set up, often with no checks on the training as long a the organisation pays a fee. I've seen a lot of accredited trainings where the accreditation is set up by a 'body' created by the training company to make it look prestigious. When you choose a training, don't get distracted by the shiny accreditation claims. Choose a good training. One of the only independent NLP associations set up to adhere to the best standards is INLPTA. I'd recommend making sure that your NLP trainer has been through an INLPTA approved training themselves.
  • Why don't you offer lots of different certifications in your NLP training?
    • This is another example of offering lots of incentives without substance. I see lots of NLP trainings now that offer even up to 10 certifications on their week long programs. When I first learned NLP, the Practitioner training on its own was 20 days. Now you can get 'certified' as a NLP Practitioner, hypnotherapist, coach and other things in 7 days or less. Having attended lots of different courses and trained in NLP, hypnotherapy and coaching, I can confidently say you will never learn enough or have enough experience in 7 days, even with home study to seriously call yourself a hypnotherapist or coach in this time frame. If you have a serious emotional issue and you went to see a hypnotherapist who'd only attended a week long NLP course covering minimal hypnotherapy, would you feel confident in their skills? I'd hope not. Attend an NLP course that focuses on NLP. I also offer hypnotherapy training separately or can recommend some great training providers.
  • Why don't you offer a free NLP weekend?
    • No-one is really offering free courses because they love NLP. Free courses are to get you in the door so that you'll buy the rest of the training. Often they advertise there won't be a 'hard' sell, however I've had lots of people attend my courses saying that they experienced a hard sell on this type of event. Often the free event puts on lots of 'showy' examples to try to motivate you to sign up, that don't represent the rest of the training. I'd recommend saving your time and research your NLP training in advance rather than go on a free taster that tries to coerce you into a course.