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Tom MacKay has been working in NLP for over 25 years. He first became an NLP Practitioner back in 1990 when he was still studying at music college to become a professional musician. The experience was life changing and since then he’s been dedicated to helping people change their lives using NLP.

There’s a lot of different NLP courses around. These days the training varies so much, that it can be like you’re learning a different thing if you study at 2 different places. I’ve frequently had people attend my courses after being unhappy with another training.

A lot of my past students have gone on to become NLP trainers and set up trainings. I’m really happy to have inspired so many people to become passionate about helping other people with NLP. I’ve always encourage people to really take time before becoming an NLP trainer. When I first learned NLP it was a long route to becoming an NLP trainer. You couldn’t just attend a course, you went through a long apprenticeship and then could be granted trainer status. Even the Practitioner course was at least 20 days, compared to some courses now which are less than 7 days.

After that you’d assist on countless Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner trainings before you’d be ready to be a trainer. Probably a route taking more than 5 years.

Now it is a lot easier – you can do it in a few months if you attend the rapid trainings.

For me it is about quality, not speed. I only set up my NLP trainings after working in NLP, psychology and psychotherapy for over ten years. When I started to run trainings I wanted to be sure I knew what I was doing.

I’d really recommend if you’re looking for a quality NLP course, don’t just attend any course. Find a trainer with lots of experience.

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