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Improve Your Memory

Everyone can improve their memory when they know how.

I once thought I couldn't remember names, then one day someone taught me a strategy memory experts use and now I can learn a room full of more than 30 people after hearing their names only once! In fact I often start trainings demonstrating this to show that people often limit themselves through having limiting beliefs.

Time and time again I meet people who say they have a bad memory and often make excuses about being old or something else. The truth is that you can learn to have a great memory at any age - it really doesn't matter whether you are 10 or whether you are 50. All you need is to learn the right strategy.

In fact, this is something we teach on our memory courses which you can also learn online.

We cover memory strategies in depth on our NLP Master Practitioner training, where you also learn about other strategies such as the spelling strategy. You'll even be given a project to model an expert and discover some of the incredible strategies that they use.