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MacKay Solutions offer courses, coaching and consultancy face to face and online. We run the full spectrum of NLP trainings from Practitioner to Trainer Training as well as NLP Coach Trainings.

In order to help more people benefit from our workshops, we also offer online courses, products and coaching. These courses teach expert strategies in areas such as memory, dealing with stress, mindfulness and achieving your goals.

About Tom MacKay

About Tom MacKay

Tom MacKay was one of the first NLP Master Trainers in the UK. He started training in psychology, NLP and hypnotherapy in 1990 and has worked with thousands of people privately and in organisations. As an NLP Trainer, many of his students have gone on to become some of the most successful NLP trainers themselves.

Tom became a Master Trainer of NLP with INLPTA, the world’s most respected non-commercial NLP association. Following the training, he went on to run NLP Trainer trainings internationally with Dr Wyatt Woodsmall. Together, they developed the first INLPTA Coach Practitioner and Master NLP Coach Practitioner trainings in the UK.

Tom has appeared on television several times, including taking part as the expert psychologist in a show for the BBC.

Originally trained as a professional violinist and actor, Tom enjoys performing and has a passion for making trainings entertaining and enjoyable for all participants. He loves working with people and helping them achieve their goals.