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About NLP - what is NLP?

NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming - what it is and what it isn't!

Often people ask me 'what is NLP?'. I always want to respond 'how long have you got?', because NLP includes so many different principles, paradigms and techniques it would take hours to answer in any way to give it justice.

Sometimes the definitions include 'the technology of achievement' or 'the science of science'. It is about how to use your mind to consistently achieve the results you want in life. In fact NLP came out of modelling successful people. The idea is that if some people can achieve amazing results, we're basically made up of similar physiologies and minds, so we can get similar results too.

NLP is often know for techniques like the 'fast phobia cure', but it is a lot more than techniques. In understanding NLP at a deeper level, it is also about a way of thinking. Exploring how people who get great results in life use their minds, emotions and their physiology in certain ways to get great results.

I've worked with athletes to help them improve their performance and they get amazing results. NLP in sport is a really exciting area that can be developed a lot further.

So if someone was to explain NLP in a sentence, it can get pretty challenging! That's why the first level of training, the NLP Practitioner training is normally a minimum of 7 days. In fact when I first studied NLP it was over 20 days! But over the last few years NLP has been more commercially promoted and realising that most people can't find 20 days, it has been tailored to be presented in a shorter time. Having experienced both lengths of training, even though there is usually home study on the 7 day courses, no matter how much the courses say the same content is covered, there's always going to be things left out. I'd always recommend the longer route if at all possible.