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NLP Practitioner October 15 - 21 2011 Glasgow, Scotland

NLP Practitioner Training Glasgow, Scotland
November 21 - 26 2011

NLP Master Practitioner Training
May 2012 - London

NLP Practitioner Training February 20 - 26 2012 - London

Professional NLP training and NLP certification course and our NLP Master Practitioner Training course and program. Become an NLP Master Practitioner, register today!

If you are interested in taking an NLP course, learning NLP coaching techniques and become a certified NLP Practitioner or Master Practitioner of NLP, we offer a range of high quality NLP training courses. As part of our Practitioner Trainings we also train you to become a Practitioner of Time Line techniques.

There are two main levels of training in NLP - Practitioner and Master Practitioner. In order to become a Master Practitioner, you must have completed a Practitioner NLP training first of all - the content of both NLP courses is quite different.

Practitioner Next Courses Training

Whether you work in business, therapy, coaching, education, or you want to learn how to change your life and create the future you want today, our NLP training will teach you essential skills to get you there. We offer the best NLP life coaching & business coaching classes in UK.

On the Practitioner Training, you will learn the NLP fundamental principles and techniques which will allow you to be successful in your work in NLP. You will learn:

  • How to build rapport quickly and effectively
  • How to develop incredible sensory acuity
  • The presuppositions of NLP and the communication model
  • The structure of thinking - using modalities and sub modalities
  • The 'Swish' pattern - for quickly changing unwanted habits
    Changing beliefs
  • Powerful language patterns - the 'meta model' and the 'Milton model'
  • Anchoring - how to transform negative emotions and have resourceful states whenever you want them
  • Time Line Techniques - dealing with negative emotions quickly and easily
  • Parts Integration - dealing with internal conflict
  • Dealing with phobias in minutes
  • Eliciting and utilizing strategies - making decisions, spelling strategies etc

See the full outline for this NLP training by following this link

Master Practitioner Training

Our Master Practitioner Training takes your NLP training to a level of mastery that will leave you feeling totally confident in working with clients in any area, whether business, therapy, coaching or education. It will also help you to achieve your goals more quickly and effectively. For example, after one of our trainings a student who had transformed his personal values and dealt with limiting beliefs about earning a good income, doubled his income within 2 months of finishing the training.

Some of the things you will learn on this NLP training include:

  • Advanced language patterns - creating change linguistically
  • Quantum linguistics
  • Meta-programs - conversational personality profiling
  • Advanced strategy elicitation and redesign
  • Modeling - how to model success and achieve similar levels of success yourself
  • Breakthrough coaching
  • Advanced metaphor design
  • Belief re-imprinting
  • Advanced sub modality techniques
  • Eliciting and transforming values

Click here to download a full outline for this advanced NLP training

Why choose our training?

We offer the highest quality NLP course at very competitive rates. We also offer a fast track approach to training which means that you can cut down the number of classroom hours. We combine this with a comprehensive pre-course home study pack, with specially designed audio cds containing information, theory and demonstrations of techniques, which means that students complete our NLP training with knowledge and confidence greater than most people who attend 20 day training's. The live training for the Practitioner Training lasts for 7 days, and for the Master Practitioner Training lasts 15 days.

We also work with small group sizes. Our training's are limited to 18-20 people which means that you will always receive personal attention from the trainer and also be closely monitored and supervised throughout the training.

We also offer a unique continual learning and support programme. After our training's, we invite you to stay in touch and ask your NLP related questions. We have a seminar programme that takes place one evening a month in London, where you can learn new skills, refine existing skills and ask questions. If you go on to do the Master Practitioner Training with us, you will also complete a comprehensive home study package to refine your Practitioner skills and prepare you for the Master Practitioner Training.

On our training you train with Tom MacKay, a leading NLP trainer who over the last 14 years has been teaching and coaching with NLP to a wide range of different clients. He often is involved in training major blue chip companies and has also worked with thousands of different clients on a one to one basis, or in training. He is a psychologist and has worked in pain management at a hospital as well as having extensive experience in working with sports. He is one of the most experienced NLP trainers in the country, and is in constant demand. He is determined to make your learning experience the best possible and your training will be fun and intensive. Tom has himself trained with Tad James, Lara Ewings, Sydney Rosen, Rossi, Robert MacDonald and many other respected names in NLP. He is constantly updating the NLP training with new ideas and breakthroughs, and incorporating the best techniques and approaches that he has learned in over a decade and is continuing to develop.

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