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NLP training (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and NLP therapy could be described as the art and science of using your mind to achieve specific and desired results. Have you ever watched someone do something excellently and thought to yourself ‘I wish I could do that – how do they do that so well?’

People are capable of incredible things, however they often do not achieve their full potential. Some people put this down to what they might call talent, or luck. A fundamental principle of NLP training is that we can all achieve similar results through modeling their thinking and physiology. NLP offers a range of different techniques and tools that can help you model successful people and achieve excellent results more quickly.

Neuro Linguistic Programming was developed several decades ago by Richard Bandler and John Grinder who set out to model some of the greatest communicators around. The main people who were modeled in the early days of NLP were Milton Erikson, Virginia Satir and Fritz Perls, who were all master communicators in the area of personal transformation. They wanted to understand how they achieved such incredible results and their discoveries led to the beginnings of NLP.

Since then NLP training has been developed in many diverse ways by different people who have modeled successful people in different areas of life.

In NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming – Neuro is to do with the neurology and how information from our senses is processed internally. Linguistic is to do with language and how we communicate experiences to ourselves and others. Programming is to do with the internal strategies and steps we use to achieve specific results.

NLP training is about taking control of your brain and behavior to achieve the results that you want in life. For example, one well known strategy is the NLP spelling strategy. Some people believe that they just cannot spell, however when they learn the spelling strategy that old belief totally disappears. The spelling strategy was developed by modeling the internal thought processes and behavior of excellent spellers. It is simple to learn and on some of our NLP training’s we have people who have thought they were useless spellers and within days were spelling words they never could have spelled before.

NLP also offers principles and techniques that can help you take charge of your emotional state. Perhaps you know people who some days are happy and other days are in less than resourceful states and don’t seem to have any control over this. Or perhaps you have had to go for an interview and find yourself dreading the interview to such an extent that you are such a bundle of nerves when you get there that you don’t do your best in the interview. NLP offers a range of different techniques to manage your emotions and internal thought processes so that you can achieve the results you want rather than your results being determined by unresourceful states that you might have found yourself in.

With Neuro Linguistic Programming techniques you can use your mind to achieve excellent results in every area of your life. Many businesses are involved in NLP training since business NLP offers cutting edge principles to help business leaders reach new levels of success. Our NLP business practitioner training helps you to get the competitive edge in today’s business climate.

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